Top 10 Breakfast Foods

For our first top 10 foods we are bringing you our Favorites! Breakfast can be a sore subject for some who don’t like eating in the morning but that’s why they made IHOPs! Breakfast all day! Jokes aside here are our top 10 breakfast foods!

  1. Bacon! (we love our bacon)
  2. Pancakes (waffles are in a close second)
  3. Chicken and Waffles (doesn’t count as just waffles)
  4. Blueberry French Toast (because regular French toast is silly)
  5. Breakfast Casseroles (preferably with onions and green bell peppers)
  6. Oatmeal (although it shouldn’t be in the top 10 it is… It’s healthy LOL)
  7. Greek Yogurt (if you don’t like Greek yogurt you got problems!)
  8. Scrambled Eggs (a classic!)
  9. Gravy and Biscuits (a southern classic)
  10. Avocado Toast (couldn’t think of a tenth item… NEVER HAD IT!)
A delicious bouquet of foods!

I hope you liked the top 10 breakfast foods! This is a new site so daily improvements are being made! Recipes will start rolling out regularly once the site is complete. If you’ve come this far a little about me. I’m a web developer and wanted to take a crack at a recipe site since I also like cooking. Looking forward to producing tons of content! Comment section with login soon to come. Maybe a recipe forum too!

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